• 11/22/2010 Transplant plus 4 yrs plus 77 days!
    We are home from what is Bonnie's third trip to Boston docz since Aug 31 (Transplant anniversary). This week we are celebrating our 22 anniversary. Both of us are busy on the book and with grandparenting. Bonnie's left eye continues to heal the "defects" that probably resulted in an attack of graft-vs-host disease this summer. Her Boston surgeon put a piece a placenta on the cornea and stitched it shut the first week of Sept and again in October. Most of the October stitches have come off, but Bonnie is keeping it well gooped and taped shut in an effort to give it a couple of other weeks of rest to secure the healing. Daniel is the sick one these days with terrible hip pain and now a very bad case of the crud. And still we are happy and doing well. We had a wonderful time with the kiddos at Halloween. Bonnie made Halloween coloring books from their own past Halloween pictures (at They all came to hear Bonnie preach on the 21st; they are getting more and more accustomed to being in church and liking it more. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at Jen's house with them and the other four grandparents. We loved seeing grandson Jackson and his mom, Dr. Deb in Boston. Jackson is quite the kindergartener and athlete these days. He's quite into playing chess. The book writing is squeezed in between doc and kiddo visits and church activities. We enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean every night.

Christmas 2009

  • IMG_1288
    Welcome to Daniel and Bonnie's 2009 Christmas Album. Here are Bonnie's 140 photos. I'll be adding more from Ron and Jennifer sometime (soon I hope).

Jackson Visit

  • 01_grandbee_and_me_035
    Jackson spent a few hours with us today (January 21st).

Travels 'n Stuff

  • 05-07 Fireworks Bellingham
    Here are pictures of our friends, places we've been, remodeling projects we have done or are engaged in.


  • Aunt Deb holds 10 week Lucas
    Some pictures from Zac and Luc's visit to Boston to see their cousin Jack

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June 02, 2011



I just got the call from my mom. I am so sorry and so sad... I wish I had given her a better hug or said something more to her when I saw her in April. You are in my thoughts.. and so is she.

Martha Myers

Our prayers go out to you and your entire family for your continued peace with Bonnie's death. She was truly a remarkable woman, with an amazing spirit, determination, and love of God. She was a model for so many of us, and a wonderful example of what you can do despite continuous roadblocks and detours along the path we call life. She will be missed by many, but remembered for the person she was by just as many, if not more, people.

God's peace to you.
Gene & Martha Myers



This is indeed sorrowful news. Just yesterday we were writing back and forth about your visiting with us in State College next week -- and now, it is over.

I am glad that this seems to have been a relatively rapid end. Bonnie went through so much suffering all these years, it is good to believe that in the end she did not have to do that again.

You are in our thoughts, and prayers, and hopes. I am hoping that you remain capable and strong, for yourself, and your family, and for Bonnie. The world needs that book you have been working on, and now, it is up to you.

Words are inadequate --



Brenda Laurel

It just got really quiet here except for the birds, evening sun streaming across the canyon. I am certain that Bonnie Paid Attention to every moment of such beauty. Bonnie Paid Attention. And so does Daniel. Love and courage, and wonder at such a life.


Hexagram 52 ("Ken") - Mountain

You remain.

Remaining is hard; harder than a thousand mountains - death is as easy as the water that runs down the Mountain.

You remain.

nancy dickenson

Daniel, We are so sorry. Bonnie's light will most certainly continue to shine. We are thinking of you and will look forward to seeing you in California soon. And most definitely celebrating Bonnie's life! Nancy Dickenson and Dick Shoup


Daniel, I am numb with shock. Grateful that she passed without more horrific hospitalizations or pain. My heart is with you. I will see you soon. Blessings on your journey. MOVE SLOWLY. Namaste, betsy

Larry Browning

I never felt more loved by, or cheished, or honored by anyone. I trust she felt even a fraction of that. Hugs from one bear to another.

Andrew Singer

Despite my expectation of receiving this news for many years,
its actual arrival saddens me more than I can say.

Somehow it has seemed to me that Bonnie would outlive us all.

In the words of the Heart Sutra: "Gone, gone, gone to opposite shore, wisdom hail!"

My deepest condolences to you, Daniel, and to all of Bonnie's family.


Rosemary Remacle

Just yesterday we were emailing about your upcoming visit and her excitement about same....I am so sad that we will not have our anticipated visit, but am happy for you and Bonnie that she went in peace. I will remember her intelligence, her love, optimism and fierceness forever.

You, Daniel, know that you have the support and empathy of many, many friends.


Noel Hrist

Dear Daniel and Family,
Paraphrase of an American Indian poem:
I am not gone, you can hear my voice in the wind, I am not gone, you can feel my touch in the rain, I am not gone, you will see my spirit in the rays of the sun.
May your memories and the knowledge that Bonnie is at peace comfort you in this time of sorry and loss.
Daniel, so glad I got to give you a hug when we had our chance meeting in Palo Alto a few weeks ago.
With love and condolences,
Noel & Craig

Amy Hyams

You are in my thoughts, as both you and Bonnie have been for years. Your courage, your enduring and compassionate support for Bonnie, your wisdom about life and your love for her, was always a joy to witness.

I hope to see you in Palo Alto in a few weeks.

Be kind to yourself,

Abbe Don

Hi Daniel,

May Bonnie's life and memory be a blessing and may you now find comfort among your community of friends and loved ones. Eve and I learned so much from your journey, and your "best practices" helped us with our own healthcare challenge. You and Bonnie have been such an inspiration. Please let Eve and I know if there is anything that we can do to help.

Our love and our thoughts are with you.

Abbe + Eve

alices and Daniel

Our Beloved Other Daniel. Our beloved Other Daniel. Oh, our beloved Other Daniel. With you in love.

A and D

Terry and Carol

We were so sorry to hear the news, and we have great admiration for
your ability to go through all you have suffered. We are here for you
and hope we can find ways to be of help in this difficult time and in
the work you want to do in the future. Our thoughts and love are with
Terry and Carol

John Sack

Daniel and Bonnie,
You have been an inspiration for years in your love for life and for each other. The inspiration continues.


INTO PARADISE, may the angels carry you! May your arrival be greeted by the martyrs, and may they lead you into the Holy City, Jerusalem! May choirs of angels sing to you, and like Lazarus, who was once a poor man, may you have rest eternal!

Allen Hardon

Daniel San,

You, Bonnie and your families are in our hearts and souls. Please know we are thinking of you
and happy to know Dr. Bonnie suffers no more. What an inspiration she was!

The wheel is turning and you can't slow down,
You can't let go and you can't hold on,
You can't go back and you can't stand still,

Inspiration, move me brightly
light the song with sense and color,
hold away despair
More than this I will not ask
faced with mysteries dark and vast
statements just seem vain at last
some rise, some fall, some climb
to get to Terrapin


Daniel - felt a shock and also possibly a very small feeling of rightness... that she is now where the sun shines, together with so many special people. It feels strange that the earth just continues when somebody so special slips away. I guess we will understand this ourselves soon. As the others have said here, hope you are taking the good care of yourself that you deserve. Sorry not to say this better. What a radiance she was and is. Jeff in Palo Alto

Scott Mainwaring

Daniel, Such sad news. Thanks for letting all of us know. Take care, Scott

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