• 11/22/2010 Transplant plus 4 yrs plus 77 days!
    We are home from what is Bonnie's third trip to Boston docz since Aug 31 (Transplant anniversary). This week we are celebrating our 22 anniversary. Both of us are busy on the book and with grandparenting. Bonnie's left eye continues to heal the "defects" that probably resulted in an attack of graft-vs-host disease this summer. Her Boston surgeon put a piece a placenta on the cornea and stitched it shut the first week of Sept and again in October. Most of the October stitches have come off, but Bonnie is keeping it well gooped and taped shut in an effort to give it a couple of other weeks of rest to secure the healing. Daniel is the sick one these days with terrible hip pain and now a very bad case of the crud. And still we are happy and doing well. We had a wonderful time with the kiddos at Halloween. Bonnie made Halloween coloring books from their own past Halloween pictures (at They all came to hear Bonnie preach on the 21st; they are getting more and more accustomed to being in church and liking it more. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at Jen's house with them and the other four grandparents. We loved seeing grandson Jackson and his mom, Dr. Deb in Boston. Jackson is quite the kindergartener and athlete these days. He's quite into playing chess. The book writing is squeezed in between doc and kiddo visits and church activities. We enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean every night.

Christmas 2009

  • IMG_1288
    Welcome to Daniel and Bonnie's 2009 Christmas Album. Here are Bonnie's 140 photos. I'll be adding more from Ron and Jennifer sometime (soon I hope).

Jackson Visit

  • 01_grandbee_and_me_035
    Jackson spent a few hours with us today (January 21st).

Travels 'n Stuff

  • 05-07 Fireworks Bellingham
    Here are pictures of our friends, places we've been, remodeling projects we have done or are engaged in.


  • Aunt Deb holds 10 week Lucas
    Some pictures from Zac and Luc's visit to Boston to see their cousin Jack

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January 24, 2011



Daniel, ...good stuff. I just hope it was "yours to share" and not Bonnies? B


Hi Betsy, Indeed it was all of ours to share. Margaret Irwin posted this message to our Blog yesterday 27 Jan in response to "It is Birthday Time again..."

What I love about your posts and Margaret's posts is that they match our attempts to be real, with no "make up" on.

During Bonnie's first round of Chemotherapy 8.5 years ago we realized that we were really "up against it". Death loomed on the horizon, at a distance of a few months or at most a year away. And the daily hospital experience in the "Compromised Host Unit" stripped us of virtually all privacy.

Bonnie and I discussed our situation. We simply dropped "our little selves" and the vanities that go with it. It was too much baggage for the trip we found ourselves on. Being real and being candid with doctors, nurses, our friends and family was a path to liberation, if not to survival.

We discovered, much to our surprise that people found Bonnie's pictures of her daily dissolution as the Chemo took hold of her body and my accounts of real life in hospitals was deeply appreciated by friends, and even strangers who happened upon our Blog.

After 8.5 years, with many raw accounts, I do not sense that we have lost anything valuable by giving up our "sense of propriety". We have gained a lot by being real in our communities. We are gratified that others seem to find our candor useful.

And you Ms. Betsy Hall are one of the people from whom we learned to be real and unflinching.

Let's ask Bonnie to chime in on what is okay to share as we live "upside down" in the world. In the world we inhabit death is a most real possibility. Living with this fact of life has changed our sense of propriety, probably forever.

/Daniel for BanD


Here Here...... Thanks Daniel! Betsy


Hope you are traveling safe and that life gets a little easier. Get and use all the hi tech appliances that help you move and stay safe!!!!! Keep getting stronger. Keep your promise to take your temp 3 times a day AND follow up on any spike.

love you, betsy

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