• 11/22/2010 Transplant plus 4 yrs plus 77 days!
    We are home from what is Bonnie's third trip to Boston docz since Aug 31 (Transplant anniversary). This week we are celebrating our 22 anniversary. Both of us are busy on the book and with grandparenting. Bonnie's left eye continues to heal the "defects" that probably resulted in an attack of graft-vs-host disease this summer. Her Boston surgeon put a piece a placenta on the cornea and stitched it shut the first week of Sept and again in October. Most of the October stitches have come off, but Bonnie is keeping it well gooped and taped shut in an effort to give it a couple of other weeks of rest to secure the healing. Daniel is the sick one these days with terrible hip pain and now a very bad case of the crud. And still we are happy and doing well. We had a wonderful time with the kiddos at Halloween. Bonnie made Halloween coloring books from their own past Halloween pictures (at They all came to hear Bonnie preach on the 21st; they are getting more and more accustomed to being in church and liking it more. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at Jen's house with them and the other four grandparents. We loved seeing grandson Jackson and his mom, Dr. Deb in Boston. Jackson is quite the kindergartener and athlete these days. He's quite into playing chess. The book writing is squeezed in between doc and kiddo visits and church activities. We enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean every night.

Christmas 2009

  • IMG_1288
    Welcome to Daniel and Bonnie's 2009 Christmas Album. Here are Bonnie's 140 photos. I'll be adding more from Ron and Jennifer sometime (soon I hope).

Jackson Visit

  • 01_grandbee_and_me_035
    Jackson spent a few hours with us today (January 21st).

Travels 'n Stuff

  • 05-07 Fireworks Bellingham
    Here are pictures of our friends, places we've been, remodeling projects we have done or are engaged in.


  • Aunt Deb holds 10 week Lucas
    Some pictures from Zac and Luc's visit to Boston to see their cousin Jack

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June 04, 2007


Mary Lou & Ed Wertz

So happy for both of you that you're spending time at the ocean and time with the new granddaughter and her family. I know how great seeing, holding grandkids is. Sorry to hear about your "trip" on the way out of the hospital. Glad you were still able to start the trip. The pics are great.
Take care and don't get too daring as you try to get back to your regular life...notice I didn't say "normal" as I'm sure neither of you have any idea what that is. You'll be creating a new normal and lots of great memories.
I'm spending more time over at my Mother's these days. Her memory is really going downhill fast. They're putting her on aricept (sp?) and if nothing else it could stop the downhill slide. In some people it does bring back some memory functions. She can't remember our names, but recognizes us, can't remember how to do things like use the microwave and things she was doing short months ago. My sister lives next door so has her hands full with Mom's problems, babysitting a 5 yr.granddaughter, and 3 yr. grandson. I'm going to try to bring Mom over here for the weekend. They're putting a new roof on her house and it'll be very noisy and more confusing for her. She hasn't seen our new grandson so she's excited about that. We know that a change of scenery may be very confusing, but hope we can handle it. My sister needs a break. She's so great with Mom and everyone else she helps.
Ed and I are doing fine.

Brenda Laurel

Hola east-coastal people. We are missing you bigtime here in the Golden State. I believe we have been having some of your weather, with crazy wind nearly every day. I must say that Rob and I are prematurely grandparent-ready and read with eagerness your reportage of the grandpeeps. We are displacing our energy onto the upcoming Sean and Jen White twins, due in a few weeks. We love you and think of you both so often.


Brenda (and Rob)

Betsy Hall

Rock On! love, betsy

Allen Hardon

Daniel and Bonnie,

That blue moon was pretty amazing here in AZ. We love getting your reports of the beach house moving to completion and I hope Timeslips helped a little bit on the project!

We are all looking forward to getting our fix of sand, salt air and Buzzards Bay breezes.


Allen, Laura and Thomas

Melanie Wright Bradford

Your respite there is so wonderful to read about. I hardly got to see the blue moon since I was substitute teaching for a prof. who got married and had a blue moon during his honeymoon! I gave it a long, exhausted look, and then blasted on the interstate for six miles to my exit. Thankfully, I am in such great shape now with my energy having returned and still so interested in working. Teaching these folk who are giving higher ed. one last try is energizing in itself. That they will stay in a class until 10pm still amazes me. I hope I tell them often enough how they are my heroes.

I'm still so thrilled to see your big smile on your bike, Bonnie. I know you probably don't know how beautiful you are. It is still so easy to see that 15-year old 9th grader in the black/white picture of the group party.

I see Johnny Longnecker every now and then. He's still got quite a lot of his georgeous blonde hair, and he's a wonderful, gentle soul. I love him a lot. The moldie-oldies band I play in has gotten several "gigs" lately. We made $1800. at our last party, and since we're all professionals in our real lives, we think it's hilarious that someone will pay us to play! We do have a pretty tight sound, and Johnny says he's going to come jam with us soon. He used to play professionally.

Hey you wanna hear about the "one that got away"? Did you ever know Donnie Stevenson? He ran around with Johnnie and that other kid Johnny Peet from La Porte. Well, it so happens my husband worked for Don at Stewart and Stevenson. He's of the Stevenson part and was filthy rich all these years. He's very quiet and kinda shy, but also long divorced and seemingly very available. I remember his being nerdy and too uncool for me!

More later. Love and incense....Melanie

Laura B


Sending your big hugs from the west coast. We miss you guys. Enjoy the beach!

Betsy Hall

It's interesting, really interesting to read comments from you all who I do not know. We are connected through a love of Bonnie or of Daniel or of them both. I come here most days to see what they have written, you have written. I come here to remember, to send love, prayers.

It is a hot day in northern CA. Today I met with the ED of the Greater Bay Chapter of The Leuchemia and Lymphoma boss. Something over 8.5 million was raised last weekend at a race in the Sierra's. I think of you Bonnie each day at work.

You help me in my work. I love you and love that others love you too. Betsy

Lexy Martin

Wow -- haven't checked back for a bit and your life sounds idyllic with the grandkids, new house, and wonderful beach. Meadow Vista is hot, hot, hot and I enjoyed a quick trip down to SF for a meeting today where it was in the mid seventies. Had lunch in Foster City on the water and felt cool and sophisticated. ha.... We're looking forward to seeing pictures of your house! And, I want to come take a soak!
love, Lexy and Major

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